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Online Marketing

Online marketing strategy and consulting

Online marketing, like any other form of marketing, has three functions; firstly, to put your company’s brand in the consciousness of the consumer, secondly to instil trust in the Brand, and thirdly to bring those consumers to your business so that they can buy your product or service.

Understand your online consumers' behaviours

While online marketing has the same goals as traditional marketing it has different components and requires an understanding of the behaviours of the consumers you want to reach. Traditional marketing has had hundreds of years to understand the consumer’s behaviours; online and mobile marketing has had just over ten and requires a company, such as Syncrony, to utilise their experience and assist you in implementing the correct online strategies to reach those consumers.

Syncrony works hand in hand with you, helping to guide you towards the best online strategies to achieve your companies’ sales goals and get the best ROI for your money. Online marketing is an experiment that is constantly evolving and it’s not just AdWords, Facebook or email marketing. It is also about creating a strategy that lets you track, optimise and achieve results.

The core components that make up online Marketing are:

Each one has a different outcome, ROI, time-cycle and cost. However, if applied strategically even the more cost effective options can achieve the desired outcome. 

Syncrony UK will be your partner in achieving this outcome.