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E-commerce Strategy & Consulting

An ecommerce business requires a carefully crafted strategy to grow!

Tap in to our decades long experience of ecommerce

Ecommerce is the conducting of business transactions on the internet. It's an online business, so whether you are taking a traditional business online, starting an online business from scratch or would like to grow your current online business; just like a traditional business, the correct strategy is vital.

Syncrony’s experience in working with clients to design, build and grow their ecommerce businesses, empowers us to do the same for your business.

The strategic foundation and the reason for an online ecommerce business is to make money and to build the company's brand. To create a successful ecommerce business, working hand in hand with you we learn what your business and branding goals are. Then we put a strategy in place to create an online store that will represent those goals and convert online browsers to customers.

Important things we need to learn and questions we need to ask:

  • What's the history of your company, the brand and how has it evolved?
  • What industry sector do you serve?
  • Is your business model a  B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) model?
  • Are you selling Products or Services or both?
  • What kind of products do you sell e.g. FMCG?
  • Are the services or products you sell technical products that require extensive explanation via technical papers or videos?
  • What creates the demand for your products?
  • What Marketing do you do to create product or service demand?
  • Do you have an active social media strategy?
  • Who are your customers/clients and what LSM do they fall into?
  • How do they engage with your company when they want to purchase from you?
  • How does your sales cycle work and how long does it typically take from initiation to completion?
  • What kind of interaction do you have with your clients during the sales process?
  • What logistics do you have in place to deliver your product or service?
  • How do customers pay you?
  • What is the geographic footprint of your business?
  • Do you want your online business to serve, internet users only in your city, country and/or internationally?
  • Do customers require an official quotation before placing an order?

Once we have learnt all we can from the above questions and more, we use that knowledge to conclude the following

  • The design of the look and feel in parallel with your brand
  • What functionality should be built into the site that fits with your business strategies and customer’s service expectations such as:
    • live online support;
    • vouchers/coupons/discounts;
    • Loyalty programs
    • Quoting;
    • Marketing/Mass mailing
    • Brochure/Technical documents download etc.
  • How best to load and showcase your products or services e.g. do your customers require a 360’ view of the product or an instructional video
  • Payment gateway
  • How to manage and ship orders effectively
  • Promotional strategies for your online store
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Optimised hosting for your online store