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Magento Stats and Market Share

Magento is considered the #1 ecommerce platform in the world

Magento is in secure control of the world’s top 10-thousand and 1 million websites sites, with 14500 websites in the Alexa top 1 million websites

The platform with the most visits and web traffic

The sites you find in the top 10K are websites like that gets over 34 Million visits per month requires a specific eCommerce solution that is very resource intensive, in this case that platform is Magento

At the other end of the spectrum  you find a website like whose monthly visits are around 1.6M. This is significantly less in comparison to zulily's even though they are both shopping websites. Their monthly visits reflect the eCommerce platform they use, Shopify.  Despite Shopify  becoming more scalable the platform is still viewed as a solution for your "mom and pop" sort of business'.

The vast majority of Magento 1x online shops sell clothing products and accessories, where Magento 2x stores sell electronics, computers, footwear, toys, cosmetics among  showing a mixed picture with no obvious dominant  market segment.

Magento 2x continues to win over businesses that recognise the flexibility and powerful features with  around 11000 Magento 2 stores switching from WooCommerce.