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Magento Websites

Magento Websites We Have Built

Below are a few of the Magento online businesses we have been part of.

Magento Integrations

Some Magento Integrations

Need a complex integration into Magento2? We can help.

Magento Migrations  by Syncrony Digital

Smooth Magento Migrations

Read more about our smooth migrations from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

International Website Pandora

International Jewelry Store

A while back, we developed PANDORA’s South African online store (for another agency). Of course, we chose Magento the Worlds Number 1 eCommerce platform.

Our brief was to reflect the and showcase the exquisite design of Pandora's jewellery. Our design also had to cater for publishing short half-life content such as 24-hour specials and pop-up sales. One of these was backed by a bulk email announcement and run over a public holiday for a 'quick test'. Amazingly sales topped all time daily sales high for the month.

To complicate matters, live stock levels drawn from a national warehouse serving scores of stores, needed to reflect online in near-real time. The system we implemented allowed for 5 minute updates, which worked perfectly.

Online Supplements and Wellness Store

When Holistix decided to turn to ecommerce for a new revenue stream, they approached Syncrony Digital to develop and design it. Over the past 7 or 8 years, we have guided Holistix in the competitive waters surging around online vitamin and Supplement sales.

, where pharmacy and supermarket chains are producing their own branded lines and new competitors enter the market every month, established Vitamin manufacturers and wholesalers whose largest percentage of revenue was from wholesaling, have had to find other revenue channels to survive.


Insurance Institute of South Africa

IISA Migration from 1x to 2x

Tracing its roots back to 1898, IISA (The Insurance Institute of South Africa) is the only professional body for the South African Insurance industry and are responsible for the educational and certification of professionals within the industry.

IISA has been selling educational materials online for a number of years . Their original web store was based on the Magento 1 platform. IISA, approached Syncrony Digital when they were continuously experiencing phishing attacks which was radically affecting the functionality of their web store.

Having removed the malicious code causing the problems, we suggested they upgrade to the latest version of the Magento 2x platform which is inherently more secure than Magento 1x. We built the store on Magento 2 and linked the site with their custom membership system, so membership can be confirmed when making a purchase.

Since the web store has been live on Magento 2 there have not been any security breaches and the site is significantly faster.


LAPA Publishers

LAPA Publishers a South African publisher of Afrikaans and English books sells its books online on a Magento 2 Community platform. The system has multiple, complex integration points, since it sells printed as well as electronic books.

Printed books need delivery by courier and are weight and dimension sensitive. This required deep integration into LAPA's courier partner in order to calculate rates based on destination, package weight and size.

Adding electronic book delivery into the mix meant that the shopping cart needed to be aware that it could hold a mixture of physical and electronic items. Electronic books were provisioned by API into LAPA's digital book supplier, providing individualized codes for each title purchased LAPA's customers.

Electronic purchases where then persisted to each users bookshelf, housed as part of the Magento user profile.

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