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Magento Integrations to 3rd party systems, ERP, accounting, shipping and more

Magento Integrations UK

Magento Integrations

For many businesses, an online store is just another sales channel that needs to read and write shared corporate data.

This need to share information, often necessitates Magento links to ERP, stock management, procurement and other line-of-business software. ERP system integrations affect a company’s financials, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, human resources and reporting.

Systems such as ERP systems are typically in place in established companies long before the companies embark on the ecommerce route and have in many cases been developed for the company’s specific requirements. In these cases company's’ want to continue managing things like inventory, customers, invoicing and logistics in the ERP system.

From simple productivity features to complex functionality integration, our Magento professionals have the expertise to ensure that your specific needs are met. So, if you are just starting out into e-commerce, or you are looking to move onto the next level of your e-commerce enterprise, Syncrony can offer you the integrated solution that you are looking for.

Do I need further integrations from what's "in the Magento box"?

If you are running an e-commerce solution on the Magento platform, then integrating your third party software - systems that makes your business tick - is vitally important. Integration eradicates duplication of work, it vastly reduces the chance of human error, and it streamlines your entire work flow ensuring your business model runs seamlessly between all of the systems in use. Integration also adds rich functionality to your workflow and ensures the management of your online store is effective. Fortunately, Magento offers numerous features that can be utilised by integrating extensions so as to meet the evolving demands of the e-commerce industry.

How we can help

Syncrony has the technical expertise to offer Magento integration services that can enhance the experience, deliver better results and optimise your business work flow, ensuring a robust and rewarding experience both for you and your customers. Our full suite of integration services will help you to connect your various platforms ensuring error-free data transfer and accurate dissemination of information between your suite of 3rd party solutions and your Magento store.

Magento ERP Integration:

Do you find that you are applying extra resources and effort maintaining your ERP system seperately to your Magento store? Is duplication of data entry happening because your two systems are not talking to each other? Syncrony are experienced in integrating Magento with various ERP systems, improving the operational efficiency, and removing duplication by aligning the information within your ERP system and Magento. This not only saves you the cost of those additional resources, but it also eliminates the potential for human error by removing duplicate processes in your work flow.

Magento OMS Integration:

Just as it is vitally important to have your ERP and Magento talking to each other seamlessly, it is just as important for your order management system (OMS) to do the same. Having to track sales, orders and manage inventory separately from your Magenta store can cause all kinds of unwanted problems. The duplication of data, combined with the potential for human error can create a cascading effect that ultimately results in an unhappy customer. Whether your inventories are misaligned, or your prices do not match between your systems, ensuring a seamless integration between your store and OMS is the only effective solution to a potential business breakdown. Syncrony offer OMS integration services so that the business workflows run smoothly and your customers order the right products for the right price all of the time.

Magento Marketplace Integration:

Syncrony can help you integrate Magento with a wide ranging selection of online marketplaces. This enables you to increase your exposure and take advantage of additional revenue streams via these dynamic marketplaces. This particular integration service allows you to manage pricing, fulfil orders, manage inventories, and create, update and edit listings, all from a central place within your Magento platform.

Custom Magento Integration:

It may be that you require integrations that are bespoke to your specific business requirements, or you want to integrate custom features into your store. Whatever the specific case, Syncrony have a team of professional developers that can customise Magento and tune it to your specifications. We can offer integration with many leading applications and platforms. Whether you use Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Quickbooks, Hubspot, or any other 3rd party CRM, if you want seamless integration, Syncrony can do it all for you.

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