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Magento Store Development UK

Magento Store Development UK

Magento Store Development UK

Syncrony UK specialise in building streamlined online businesses for our customers. We do this utilising the power of Magento – today's world-leading e-commerce platform. Magento is our platform of choice when it comes to building B2B and B2C online stores. Magento, now part of the Adobe empire, has grown exponentially and now supports hundreds of thousands of different business models around the globe. Magento, unlike many of it's rivals is both suitable and customisable, and will fit any type of industry that requires an online presence. These include:

  • Omni-channel businesses
  • Digital product sellers
  • Wholesalers and Retailers
  • Single platform multi-vendors
  • Large enterprises with a global presence
  • Smaller retailers and those with physical stores and shops
  • Businesses with multi-category inventories
  • Home businesses
  • Hospitality industry providers and vendors#

Syncrony have extensive experience in helping online stores realise their potential with our ability to develop a wide range of solutions for Magento 2. You can be certain that we will ensure your e-commerce presence is of the highest quality.

How we do it

The development processes and tools that we utilise allows our global team of developers to deliver high performing, secure and stable sites that are tested thoroughly, and built according to the latest best-practices, as laid out by the Adobe Magento documentation. And we do this consistently, time and time again.

The Environment Setup

We we practise an efficient and robust development workflow that based on industry-standards. This significantly increases delivery speed of new stores, whilst maintaining the highest standards, ensuring a smooth e-commerce customer experience that is attractive, efficient, and fast.

QA and Auditing

When work is completed, either on a new feature or hotfix, an internal audit and QA testing is undertaken. Only once these new developments have passed these procedures do we roll the changes out to the main development branch.

Front-end Development

Simply having a functional front-end is not enough. Your site needs to be both welcoming and fast in order to reduce the bounce rate of your store. We ensure that all assets on your site are fully optimised for speed. Furthermore, our UX design team are some of the best in the business, ensuring a fantastic user experience that will keep your customers coming back time and again.

Magento Development UK

Syncrony are a professional Magento Development Company with a team of global Developers. We specialise in developing multi-faceted, complex, and/or simplified Magento e-commrce stores for our clients. However, that is not all we do - we also ensure your store is fully integrated with other aspects of your business, such as payments and banking, as well as ensuring integration with the accounting side of your business. If you already have a magento store that is not fully integrated with your other business systems, we can help.

Our global team of Magento specialists can do the following:

  • Designing Magento Ecommerce Websites from the ground up
  • Optimise existing Magento stores, ensuring a better ROI
  • Upgrading Magento from version 1 to version 2
  • Migrating stores built on the community Edition to the Enterprise Edition
  • Creating custom extensions as per the business model requirements
  • Bringing life back to stale and under-performing stores
  • Modifying 3rd party extensions
  • Integrating your store with various other business systems such as ERP, inventory systems, payment gateways, POS, and many others.

Having an online store may not be enough for your business model. There are many cases where integration into into 3rd party platforms is required. Syncrony can perform this integration for you. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • eBay and Amazon integration
  • Google Shopping, and other such similar platforms
  • 3rd party CRM integration
  • ERP solutions
  • Warehousing systems
  • Accounting & Inventory management system integration



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