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The Best Business-to-Business with Magento

Magento B2B Services

Magento B2B Systems

Business to consumer commerce commonly known as B2C is the most common form of ecommerce. These are the online stores millions of us interact with every day. The strategy, customer journey, and ways to increase sales on B2C sites are well understood.

Business to business commerce (B2B) is by far the less mature form of ecommerce and requires a completely different strategy. A B2B ecommerce site, must provide at its core, the functionality and information that would normally require a combination of data capturing, paper catalogues, emailing and phoning (often repeatedly), in order to place a single order. Despite the differences, B2B strategy must consider that the “business buyer this morning was the B2C consumer last night” and they expect a similar ease of purchase experience from their favourite site.

Howe we can help

Syncrony are experts in Magento B2B development and implementation. Our extensive platform customisation, together with Magento specialists enables us to develop perfect B2B strategies for start-ups, SMEs and global multinationals according to their business needs.

We deliver B2B Magento eCommerce tools that support B2B traders and improve their customer's interest and loyalty. This not only improves the conversion rate, but also ensures repeat custom. Our dedicated teams of Magento developers and software experts will demonstrate their hands-on B2B experience and customise your online store, to suit your business needs perfectly.

The Power of Magento B2B

Enhanced security

The back end of your B2B website contains all of your sensitive information - Customer data, company reports, ad campaigns, and sensitive financial information. This needs protecting. To ensure the security of your database at every level, we assign different user roles to your employees. Depending on the position and a set of duties, they will have access only to the information they need.

Comprehensive customer accounts

Your customer's will enjoy a comprehensive account dashboard that stores complete company information, billing and shipping preferences, newsletter subscriptions, wish-lists and more. With a fast checkout and the possibility to reorder directly from within the customer dashboard makes a customer's user experience speedy and convenient. This will ensure loyalty and a better ROI.

Extensive product catalogue

It is all well and good having an extensive product range, but if a customer cannot find a product, it can not only lose a sale, but also frustrate the customer. Syncrony can help you create a product catalogue that makes searching as easy as pie. A customer can filter, view and order goods in quick and easy steps. They will also be able to use SKU codes to add products to a shopping cart and order directly from a catalogue page.

Detailed product pages

Unlike a physical store, there is no one to help a customer make a purchasing decision. With that in mind, we can create detailed product pages that are laid out intuitively. With product summaries, a detailed section, specifications, multiple images and videos, stock status, instructions, and much more.

Flexible payment options

We develop Magento B2B websites with a wide-range of secure payment options. Depending on your needs we can set up payment gateways that cover bank transfers, money orders, checks and credit cards, online payment vendors such as PayPal and Stripe, and of course, account payments.


Temporarily out of stock? A new product launch coming soon? Syncrony can build a pre-order section for your customers so that you need not lose sales simply because they are currently unavailable.

Bulk orders

As a B2B merchant, many of your customers will want to buy in bulk. We can build in special offers and discounts on bulk purchases so that you can encourage customers to purchase now.

Recurring orders

Why make your customers jump through hoops every time they want to buy a repeat order? We can ensure that from within the customer dashboard they can reorder any number of past orders with a few clicks of a button. No need to fill out billing and shipping details every time they want to make a purchase.

For B2B strategy and builds that will increase customer loyalty by greatly improving the procurement process for your business customers, contact us now.


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