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Why is Magento the Best eCommerce platform?

Ecommerce is everywhere, and Magneto makes these online portals run flawlessly while, at the same time, presenting top-class customer-friendly features. Magento comes with everything an online platform requires - exhibits products, offers many payment gateways, delivers 24/7 customer service, and manages all back-end operations effectively.

There is a reason that nearly 50% of all ecommerce sites are run using Magento. Here are 5 features that makes it the stand out choice for all eCommerce operations.

Superior integration with 24/7 admin support

Magento is a highly flexible package considering its PHP-driven integration. With scalable solution and real-time network support, its eCommerce compatibility allows successful integration, that too with superior user interface and compelling marketing features.
Easy to use features load instantly, even when upgraded and migrated to a different platform, its automatic updates and versatile functionalities push sales revenue by prompting visitors to navigate through relevant pages and galleries.

Exclusive package of eCommerce features

Be it for start-ups or for established retail brands, Magento more or less offers all the contemporary features that would make an eCommerce site run efficiently. This includes:

  • Interactive user dashboards
  • Robust real-time inventory management
  • Logistics and shipping strategies
  • Integrated Cloud-based CRM and ERP platforms
  • Mobility capabilities with automated marketing
  • Email, SMS and visual marketing
  • Fast loading, quick returns

Web users want a particular site to open in less than 3 seconds flat! ECommerce platforms powered by Magento generate a significantly higher conversion rate as compared to other established paid and open source suites. Its quickness is built on its capabilities that allow Varnish-powered page caching and humongous volume of data retrieval in few milliseconds.

SEO-friendly like never before

Magento is the most updated eCommerce CMS platform with its flurry of SEO-friendly features. Optimised pages assure good traffic and higher page ranking. When a website is competing with hundreds of other sites, creating SEO web pages and URLs with powerful meta-tags and descriptions push the rankings even further.

One-stop solution for every business

With hundreds of ready-made templates and full range of customization tools, users can build any website from ground zero, suiting their requirements and budget. With a dedicated set of features and applications, Magento is a step higher from where platforms running on plug-ins are working.

Choose your own hosting service and control your costs without compromising on the results and the benefits of running an ECommerce platform on Magento.

Magento for eCommerce platform is extremely modular when it comes to developing responsive websites or mobile apps. Rewrite codes to exemplify your business with a rock solid series of mobile-friendly capabilities, controls and scaling options.