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Seller-Assisted Shopping in Magento 2

Take-over As Customer - in Magento 2

At last, Magento’s new ‘Seller-Assisted Shopping’ feature allows store owners to login as a customer to assist shoppers.

Sellers can now enhance customer engagement by allowing sales or customer service reps to log in as a customer for those who have registered for an account with your store. A sales rep can assist in various ways now that they have customer experience access.

  • Users can now help the customer find the item they want, also guide them to create a wish list
  • Magento’s ‘Product configurator’ will allow the customer to choose to use a custom function that may only be accessible on the storefront experience
  • You are also able to place orders on the customer’s behalf and maybe save them time by helping them assist
  • You may want to solve administrative problems with purchasing and setup approval rules
  • Sessions will be deleted and shopper passwords cannot be accessed

after the admin, store signs out.

About the author

Caylen Ho Chung

Caylen is our Magento stock/product specialist.

He spends some of his after-hours time learning more about Magento, which he loves!