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SA Payment Gateway Providers Move Against Magento 1 Stores

Magento 1 End-of-Life Cannot be Ignored

In a post earlier this year, I warned Magento online shop owners still running Version 1.x stores that the end was in sight. This, despite it being possible to continue to run Version 1 Magento for the next few years.

These COVID times are tough. Most economies are contracting, some markets are consolidating while others are disappearing completely. And in this mess of uncertainty, the last thing your your Magento-1 online business needs is capital expenditure to build more-or-less what you already have!

Unfortunately, you will soon have no choice. At some stage in the near future, your payment gateway provider will be forced to stop accepting credit card payments from your website.

When this happens, your business will effectively have to shut down.

Help to Upgrade Your Magento-1 Store

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Mail from PayFast to Magento 1 store owners:

According to our records we can see that your store domain is currently using an outdated and more vulnerable version of Magento (that is below version 2.0).

We kindly advise you to please upgrade Magento to the latest version to avoid the risk of sensitive data being compromised.

You can find more information on the security updates available for Magento 1 users here

In order to protect your online store and customers from malicious cyber attacks, it’s important to always ensure that your Magento shopping cart is equipped with the latest security updates as soon as they become available to download. 

Send: 5 August 2020

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