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View All Shared Access Accounts

Working with Existing Shared Access Accounts 

Once your shared access accounts have been set up, you will definitely need to review and adjust them from time to time. This screen also allows for revoking access (see below)

How to List Shared Accounts

On the left panel of your account, there is a ‘Shared with me’ tab.

Note that the ‘Switch Accounts’ control is in the upper right corner and has options for ‘My Account’ and the name of the ‘Shared Account’.

View my shared accounts

To easily access a shared account, toggle the ‘Switch Accounts’ until you see the name of the shared account. The panel will include all the items that you have permission to use. The shared account will also display ‘contact information’ and ‘welcome messages’.

How to Revoke a Users Shared Access

Removing access from a shared user can be done in a few steps.

  1. Log into your Magento account.
  2. Click ‘Shared Access’ in the left panel.
  3. Look for an account to be revoked under  ‘Managing Users & Permissions’ and ‘Delete’.
  4. You will get prompted to confirm, then click ‘Delete’


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