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Affordable Magento Development

Affordable Magento Development

Affordable Magento Development

Syncrony has extensive expertise in affordable Magento development. Not only are we experienced in working with this fantastic e-Commerce platform, we are also able to deliver custom Magento development services at unbeatable UK prices. We can configure and optimise Magento to your precise and specific requirements.

Today Magento is the most popular, versatile and widely used e-commerce platform used by many large global brands to run their online stores. The biggest advantage Magento has over other platforms is that it is highly customizable, can handle large data and multiple vendor catalogues, and offers extensive features and functionalities above and beyond its competitors. Additionally, there are thousands of third-party plugins that can bring an extra layer of performance to your website.

Who is Magento For?

Magento is not only for start-ups, but is also established with popular global brands. They prefer to use Magento not only because of its saleability, but also because of its robust engineering, ensuring their online eCommerce store is always online and working for them, not against them.

Whether you have an existing eCommerce store, or want to develop a brand new store from scratch, Syncrony can guide you through the process, ensure you have the right extensions, 3rd party integrations, and online promotions that would not only optimise your sales, but also enhance the online experience of your customers.

How we can help

We can provide you affordable Magento development by developers who can build your online store, manage SQL databases, maintain PHP code, and customize the front and back ends of your Magento platform. Syncrony are deeply familiar with Magento architecture (themes, layouts, extensions) and Magento elements (catalogue, orders, payments). Our company excels at end-to-end project development, including design, Magento customization services, integration, and deployment.

How do we keep our costs down?

Our Magento development team are based in South Africa but focus heavily on the UK. Because of our location, we are able to provide a much more affordable service due to the favourable exchange rate between the Rand and the Pound. Furthermore, because of our common language (English), and our similar time zones (we are only an hour ahead of the UK), working with Syncrony is a breeze.

Affordable Magento Development With Syncrony

Syncrony have a rich background in affordable Magento development. Our e-commerce Magento development agency will take your business objectives and transform them into a functional eCommerce solution that drives sales, ensuring that best practices are adhered to at all times. Due to our experience, we can build any industry-specific online store, from industry specific single stores, to large global multi-vendor platforms.

Magento Agency Services

Magento Website Design

Online Stores

We assist with all aspects of designing and building an online store for your business.

Magento 1 to 2 migrations

M1 to M2 Migrations

Need a smooth migration to Magento2? We can help, we've been doing them since 2016. 

Magento Integration Experienced


We can connect your Magento to your ERP System, courier or membership manager.

Business to Business Systems

B2B Platforms

Need a flexible platform to your wholesale customers or dealer network? You can start right here.

About the author

Howard Rybko

Howard Rybko

Involved in software development and web since 1996 (Hypermedia company established for web design and hosting). Specialist in software design, integration and implementation management. Experienced in c#, SQL, and project management. Working on Magento stores and integration since 2013.

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