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Account Sharing with

Shared Accounts 

The Account Sharing feature in Magento allows an authourised user with sufficient privileges to share access to an account. This will allow other employees and external service providers, limited access to perform various  tasks.

Access to functions can easily be shared by using the simple ‘shared access option’. 

In order to have 'Shared Access' you need to Log in to your account first - @ 

  1. Go to the Magento account login:
  2. Enter your 'username' and 'password'.
  3. Then click 'login' to log into My Account.

*Click on 'Register' if you need to create a new account



 Shared Access Capabilities

  • The account can be shared with service providers and employees to help manage the site
  • The primary account holder can grant limited access to other users
  • Only an account with the appropriate authority or permissions can be set up to allow shared access
  • All sensitive information such as Billing history and Credit card information will remain protected and will not be shared with other users

How to setup a Shared Access Account

  1. Firstly you need to make sure you have the following information for a Magento account user.
    • Account ID
    • Email Address (one associated with the account) 
  2. Then Log in to the account.


3. Click ‘Shared Access’ in left column and then you click ‘New User’


4. Now enter the ‘Account ID’ from the Magento Account and the ‘Email Address’ from the Magento Account


5. Now enter a ‘Shared Name’ to identify the account.

This shared name is for internal reference and this will only be visible to users who you share the account. You need to enter your ‘Email’ and ‘Phone Number’ if you want to share your personnel contact details with a user.

6. To grant account permissions select the checkbox of each Magento Product or Service you want to share.


7. When you have selected and are ready, click ’Create Shared Access’.

The User information will appear in the ‘Manage Permissions’ in the ‘Shared Access Page’ and an invitation will be emailed to the user with instructions to access the shared account.

Once this process is completed, the shared user you will receive an email invitation to the shared account. The user then needs to follow the simple instructions in the email in order to log into the Magento account.

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