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Payment Gateway Providers vs. Magento 1

Payment Gateway Providers Move Against Magento 1 Stores

Do not ignore Magento 1 End-of-Life

Are you still running your store using Magento 1.x? With the advent of Magento 2, the end is in sight for version 1. Although you can still run your store under version 1.x for the next few years, support from 3rd party vendors is starting to wrap up.

The world is seeing an unprecedented contraction right now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst certain sectors have flourished in these trying times, many businesses are not only contracting, many are closing shop completely. So why, in these uncertain times should you pay out much needed funds on rebuilding something you already have?

The hard truth is, you will soon have no choice. Payment gateway providers will soon be forced to stop accepting credit card payments through the Magento 1 APIs. Once that happens, with no means to collect online payments, your business will be severely limited, if not shut down entirely.

Here is an email doing the rounds with all Payfast customers using the Magento API:

"According to our records we can see that your store domain is currently using an outdated and more vulnerable version of Magento (that is below version 2.0).

We kindly advise you to please upgrade Magento to the latest version to avoid the risk of sensitive data being compromised.

You can find more information on the security updates available for Magento 1 users here.

In order to protect your online store and customers from malicious cyber attacks, it’s important to always ensure that your Magento shopping cart is equipped with the latest security updates as soon as they become available to download."

Payment gateways across the globe will be following suit, sooner rather than later.

Help to Upgrade Your Magento-1 Store

Before you set into a full-blown panic, all is not lost. We at Syncrony can convert your Magento 1 ecommerce store over to Magento 2 with the minimum of fuss. Whilst this is not a simple task, we take on the complexity ensuring you need not stress about it all. Is such a migration costly? Well, if it isn't within your budget to pay upfront for the migration, we offer one and two year payment terms. Please contact us for more information.

We take care of all the migration steps, so you don't have to.

Database Migration

This is the most important step of any migration. The database is where all of your site information is stored. From products to pricing, taxes to shipping, and all the other configuration settings such as your all-important payment gateways are stored in your database. Syncrony will migrate all of your customers, sales and product data, site content, payment gateways, and all of the time consuming SEO that went into your site over the years. We follow Magento's own migration policies and best practices, and our experienced developers will ensure a seamless migration by preparing your new database so it is safely ready for deployment under Magento 2.

Theme Upgrades - Design Migration

Themes for Magento 1 are not transferrable to Magento 2. This can be a real problem when you have spent so much time fine-tuning and custom building your Magento 1 site. Whether you want to keep the same design and operation of your old site, or you want to use this migration time to overhaul your site's design, Syncrony can do this for you. We will ensure that your site exactly mirrors your Magento 1 site, or build something new and better ensuring your brand remains intact. We will also ensure that all of those payment gateways that you currently use are also migrated over to your new theme.

Extension Upgrades

Extensions should be upgraded regularly no matter which version of Magento you are running. However, you must ensure that the extensions you use are compatible with version 2. As is the case with payment gateway extensions, you will need to switch over to the version 2 compatible extensions. Whilst many extensions have Magento 2 compatibility already, Syncony will ensure that the most up-to-date extensions are installed, and if any prove to be incompatible, we will ensure a suitable replacement is installed and configured perfectly.

SEO Migration Settings

If you have been working hard on your SEO for your site, the last thing you want is for all those gains to be scrubbed out by a migration to Magento 2. This is a very real business risk as SEO extensions, as well as custom built SEO solutions can not be transferred with the standard Magento migration tool. Syncrony will ensure all of that crucial SEO will be seamlessly transferred to your new installation, ensuring there is no loss of business down the line.