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News and Updates About Magento Commerce

online commerce through Magento

Syncrony opens floodgates to online commerce through Magento

Online commerce through Magento is exploding, and leading e-commerce and software development specialist Syncrony Digital has the solution for those companies eager for reliable technology to seize the opportunity.

Magento 2 Cache & Caching Types

Understand How Caching works in Magento 2

When developing Magento websites, performance begins to lag, with slower page loading as more resources and more content is added to the site. The use of Magento 2 Cache & Caching Types technology can mitigate speed losses and in certain instances, can even speed up page loads.

Can Shopify match Magento UI

350,000 Shopify Themes versus 1 Custom Magento Build

We match a custom Magento fashion and beauty ecommerce store against a clone on the Shopify platform.

One of these looks decidedly unfashionable. 

Decide for yourself...

Magento 2.4 Released

Magento 2.4 Released

As has become customary, after a big sub-version drops, it is quickly followed by a bug-fix release and the Version of v2.4.1 beta release was released on the 10th September 2020.

Magento 2 Release Updates and Delivery Dates

Looks to be a progressive year for Magento having a total of four new updates for the year 2020. The first update pre-release for 2.3.4 was on the 14th January 2020. Magento releases security and functional patches for each supported release line of Magento Commerce every quarter.

[17 January 2020]

Magento 1 Upgrade Bottleneck

Still Running Magento 1? You Need to Pay Attention.

In less than 12-months, Magento 1 will go end-of-life and quite possibly your online checkout will stop working.

June 2020 is the official end of support date for the Magento 1 Platform. If your Magento store is currently in production and you don’t have an upgrade plan in the works, you have a problem.

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