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How-To Answers for Magento Commerce Owners

Web Accelerators

What exactly is a web accelerator and how does it work and why do we need them? A web accelerator is a proxy server that controls or reduces the speed of a website’s access time. It’s a hardware appliance or a self-contained installable software. When using web accelerators default or standard web browsing, it will utilize Transmission Control Protocol or TCP. If you use a we ...

Varnish Cache with Magento

Varnish Cache with Magento

Varnish Cache is an HTTP accelerator. It's designed for content-heavy and dynamic web sites as well as APIs. Varnish focuses exclusively on HTTP,  other proxy servers that often support FTP, SMTP as well as other network protocols. Varnish Cache with Magento is really fast.

Magento 2 Cache & Caching Types

Understand How Caching works in Magento 2

When developing Magento websites, performance begins to lag, with slower page loading as more resources and more content is added to the site. The use of Magento 2 Cache & Caching Types technology can mitigate speed losses and in certain instances, can even speed up page loads.

Seller assisted shopping increases sales

Seller-Assisted Shopping in Magento 2

A great new tool to increase sales!

Seller-Assisted Shopping lets store staff log in as a customer to assist shoppers. As a way of competing with in-store sales merchants now can offer immediate service and assistance to shoppers as they browse an online store.

View All Shared Access Accounts

Working with Existing Shared Access Accounts.

This article shows how to list, edit and revoke shared accounts from

Account Sharing with

Magento 2.4's new Account Sharing functionality enables the sharing of admin account access between various authorised users.

Accounts can be setup for internal and external users to allow limited access to backend functions.


Preserving Google Rankings When Upgrading Your Store

if you are upgrading or migrating an existing site to a new and improved version, then you most definitely want to keep the SEO benefits of your existing back links and search ranking with 301 redirects.

Deleting User Account Data in Magento 2

A client came to us to implement a General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR on their e-commerce webstore. One of her problems was that there is no way for a user to delete their account from the Magento profile page. This was one of the GDPR requirements.

[11 February 2020]

Creating Configurables by CSV Import

I have gone through the process of creating configurable products manually for quite a few sites and its very time consuming. So, I decided to work out how to do it using a spreadsheet.

Here’s how to make uploading of products in your catalog easier and to avoid the tedious process of creating configurables manually.

[17 January 2020]

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