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We assist with all aspects of designing and building an online store for your business.

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Need a smooth migration to Magento2? We can help, we've been doing them since 2016. 

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We can connect your Magento to your ERP System, courier or membership manager.

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Need a flexible platform to your wholesale customers or dealer network? You can start right here.

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Magento Migration

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

D-Day for Magento 1 is 30 June 2020. That means the end of any support by Magento for both Magento Commerce (Previously Enterprise) and Magento Open Source (Previously community). For those who think this date will be extended as it was the last time it was meant to end in November 2018, this time there will be no extension.

If this doesn’t shake every ecommerce Manager and those CFOs who count the Pounds and Cents which the stores generate to the core then, as was made famous by the movie The Fly, “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid” and if you aren’t already in the queue your business is already in danger.  READ HERE WHY.

When we are in danger we all need a Super Hero to save us, enter Syncrony Digital. We have the team and experience to migrate your Magento 1 B2B or B2C store to Magento 2 smoothly and swiftly, don’t delay get in touch before it’s too late!

ERP and Accounting Integrations

Magento System Integrations

For many businesses, an online store is just another sales channel, that needs to read and write shared corporate data.  

This need to share informations, often necessitates Magento links to ERP, stock management, procurement and other line-of-business software. ERP system integrations affect a company’s financials, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, human resources and reporting. 

Systems such as ERP systems are typically in place in established companies long before the companies embark on the ecommerce route and have in many cases been developed for the company’s specific requirements. In these cases company's’ want to continue managing things like inventory, customers, invoicing and logistics in the ERP system. 

Business to Business Systems

Magneto B2B Systems

Business to consumer commerce commonly known as B2C is the most common form of ecommerce. These are the online stores millions of us interact with every day. The strategy, customer journey and ways to increase sales on B2C sites are well understood.

Business to business commerce (B2B) is by far the less mature form of ecommerce and requires a completely different strategy. A B2B ecommerce site, must provide as its core provide the functionality and information that would normally require a combination of data capturing, paper catalogues, emailing and phoning often repeatedly  in order to place a single order. Despite the differences B2B strategy must consider that the “business buyer this morning was the B2C consumer last night” and they expect a similar ease of purchase experience from their favourite site.

For B2B strategy and builds that will increase customer loyalty by greatly improving the procurement process for your business customers contact us now.

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